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Phuket Day Trips
B.B.Q. Sunset Dinner at Khai Nai
From 74 USD
Big Buddha Tour Included Lunch
From 63 USD
Half Day Island Tour Included Lunch
From 63 USD
Helicopter Charter & Tours ( Magical Bays of Phuket Sightseeing Tour ) ( 30 minutes )
From 275 USD
Helicopter Charter & Tours ( Phang Nga Bay Sightseeing LICENSE TO FLY ( 30 minutes ))
From 275 USD
Phang Nga Eco Tour The Ideal Cruise (Fullday)
From 45 USD
Phang Nga Tour By Diamond (Fullday Coach+Longtail)
From 26 USD
Phuket City Tour (Halfday Minimum 2 Pax With Lunch)
From 40 USD
Phuket City Tour (Halfday Minimum 2 Pax)Exclude Lunch
From 33 USD
Safari Tour Program B (3 hours & 30 mins)
From 28 USD
Safari Tour Program C (4 hours & 30 mins)
From 31 USD
Safari Tour Program D (5 hours & 30 mins)
From 34 USD
Phuket Golf Courses
Blue Canyon Country Club
From 83 USD
Laguna Phuket Golf Club
From 74 USD
Loch Palm Golf Club
From 90 USD
Mission Hills Phuket Golf Resort and Spa
From 85 USD
Phuket Country Club
From 85 USD
Red Mountain Golf Course
From 129 USD
Phuket Water Activities
4 Island - YAO YAI Island and 3 Khai Island Tour By Speedboat
From 58 USD
A very romantic Sunset Cruise of Phang Nga Bay by June Bahtra
From 48 USD
Bangla Ecotourism
From 70 USD
CORAL ISLAND TOUR (by Speed boat)
From 20 USD
Fishing Tour
From 56 USD
Khai Nok & Khai Nui Island by Speed Boat
From 26 USD
Phang Nga Day In The Islands
From 101 USD
Phang Nga Day Trip
From 74 USD
Phang Nga Self Paddle Day Trip
From 68 USD
Phang Nga Sunset Dinner Trip
From 80 USD
Phi Phi Island Deluxe Tour + Yao Yai Island by Speed boat (Full Day)
From 77 USD
Phi Phi Island Tour (Full Day) (by Cruise )
From 28 USD
Phuket Pearl Farm & Rang Yai Island Tour
From 41 USD
Phuket Pearl Farm & Rang Yai Island Tour ( Half Day )
From 28 USD
The Magical Phang Nga Bay Cruise by June Bahtra
From 75 USD
Phuket Shows and Events
Phuket Fantasea ( Include Round Trip Transportation )
From 49 USD
Phuket Simon Cabaret
From 15 USD


Old Phuket Town Fastival and Chinese New Year 2011











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